The Brief: Culture of The Game 

Objective: Turn Nike's new US Women's National team soccer jerseys into cultural symbols of Victory for HER (Women and those who identify as Women). Transcend the sport by adding dimension through lifestyle and culture. 
This project was a part ofNationwide campaign for NIKE that shined a spotlight on communities that are championing HER and her game and celebrating the game for All. Focus on destinations that are dedicated to HER.
The concept

WorldSoccerShop has run a series since 2018 called the Color of My Roots. In the series they celebrate the people who's roots are of another culture but who are also American.
We fulfilled the brief by highlighting Maya Stephen, a Haitian and German-American former collegiate soccer player turned model and business professional in Women's pro soccer, as part of World Soccer Shop's "Color Of My Roots" series.
We collaborated with Maya to style the new USWNT jerseys in her distinct style, and she shared her journey in her own words through a poem she wrote.
I led production from concept ideation to execution on set. Additionally I oversaw post production of the 60 sec spot and edited the 15-30 second social media clips.
My Role

Concept Development
Content Producer
Editor (TikTok/Reels)

x1 - 60 Sec video for Youtube (16:9)
x2 - TikTok/Reels Clips (9:16)
Product photos
The Numbers

23k views on Youtube
130k views on IG (Social Clips)
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